Elizabeth Melville


Elizabeth graduated from Marquette University with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology. She continued her education through the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association’s Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy Professional Development Program focusing on improving her manual physical therapy skills and clinical reasoning. She enjoys learning and has continued her professional education through many orthopedic and manual based courses through the Institute of Physical Art and other respected continuing education programs.

In addition to treating patients, Elizabeth teaches in Marquette University’s Exercise Science and Physical Therapy programs, introducing undergraduate students to the world of Kinesiology and teaching and refining the skills of graduate students in Orthopedics.

Elizabeth believes strongly in one on one personalized care in order to allow for the best, most individualized treatment possible. She is a good listener and strong supporter of patient education which allows each person to have control of their own health and rehabilitation process. She believes that the combination of strong manual therapy treatment interventions with specific exercise prescription can provide great results for her patients. She is a strong proponent that treatment must be tailored to fit each patient’s individual lifestyle and goals. Elizabeth enjoys working with a variety of patients including all activity levels, abilities, and ages.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with people in all stages of life and help them on their journey to recovery.”


Nearly all of Body Mechanics' patients have been referred to us by friends, family and colleagues.

On my first visit to Elizabeth it was difficult for me to raise my arm above my shoulder. I was afraid to use that arm and had trouble sleeping because of the constant shoulder ache. During our six weeks together Elizabeth massaged tight muscles until they became pliable, then taught me to reuse and strengthen those muscles. Each session she seemed to know which areas needed work and in time I was able to use my arm normally again. I am thrilled to be well on the road to recovery in such a short time, but I’m going to miss my sessions with Elizabeth because I enjoyed talking with her so much! I can’t imagine a more caring and competent therapist, and would recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy.


Elizabeth is an amazing PT. I have seen Elizabeth over the past 9 months for recovery from surgery on my hamstring. Her treatment has been excellent and I am back to running, hiking, biking and soon skiing. Elizabeth explains verbally and with pictures/diagrams what is happening in my musculoskeletal system. Unlike many PTs she will do hands-on manipulation. She provides exercises to do between our appointments, which have significantly facilitated healing. I cannot recommend Elizabeth enough.

Nancy O'Donnell

Sent by friends who had amazing improvement and I experienced the same of an 8 month complaint . Very thorough analysis of the problem (much more complete than other PTs) and Elizabeth resolved the issue within a short time with massage and strengthening exercises. Highly Recommended!


I met Elizabeth Melville after a shoulder repair surgery was unsuccessful and I was looking at a long recovery from a concurrent nerve injury before further shoulder repair could be attempted. I wanted someone who I felt confident would take the long view and work with me through slow progress and with multiple objectives.

Elizabeth has been absolutely WONDERFUL to work with! She listens carefully and applies her extensive knowledge of human anatomy and body mechanics. She always checks her understanding and conclusions with me to ensure we both have a clear understanding. She thinks outside the box about treatment modalities. She is kind, caring, and so enthusiastic in her work; I trust that my wellbeing and progress are absolutely a priority for her. Something out of the ordinary in my experience with physical therapists is that she followed up via email with me regarding home exercises. She also readily uses physical manipulation when called for.


The team at Body Mechanics is incredible. When I need extra encouragement and some PT to get my body working again, I know Andy, Elizabeth and others are there to help me learn (and sometimes relearn) how to keep my body working well. This is a judgement free zone that uses the most up to date techniques and kind and patient instruction to help me heal myself.

The environment is light filled and comfortable. All the staff are knowledgeable and friendly and I value their expertise and recommendations. Best place to recover from injury or get into shape!


I started physical therapy with Elizabeth three weeks ago and from the first moment, she made me feel at ease and reassured me that we would get to the bottom of my pain and that she thought she could help me. The office manager, Lorinda, is also amazing. She took the time to break down the costs for me so that I could make the right decision on a payment plan. I'm making really good progress, relearning how to use parts of my body I have been using incorrectly, and my pain levels are significantly lower day by day. I look forward to completing my PT plan under the care and guidance of Elizabeth and to leading a more happy and physically active existence. I also appreciate her teaching mentality. She takes the time to explain what muscles we are targeting and how it all works. I'm a nerd who appreciates that sort of stuff. If you're in pain, do yourself a favor and make an appointment.


Elizabeth has been able to help in 2.5 weeks with pain I have been struggling with for 5 Months. I have been to 2 chiropractors and 2 PT prior to Elizabeth without any relief. I also tried massage and acupuncture without success. Elizabeth takes great notes and understands all of the health issues involved. She was the first to introduce dry needling which has done wonders for helping with the pain. I went from constant pain to being able to water ski again. Thanks Elizabeth and Jenn. I truly appreciate your hard work and help.



Being a very active young adult, I was majorly bummed out after I hurt my lower back weightlifting. I went to a chiropractor for a couple months, but I wasn't seeing the pain relief I needed. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever feel 100% again. I wish I had gone to Body Mechanics sooner! Elizabeth Melville straightened me out in no time. She's knowledgeable, encouraging, and most importantly, understanding. She listened to my concerns and addressed my symptoms accordingly. Not only did she free me of pain, she showed me the preventative steps to take in the future. I am hugely grateful for Elizabeth and the rest of the Body Mechanics team!


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