Gregg Fuhrman


Gregg graduated from Marquette University with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. He also holds an undergraduate Degree in Exercise Physiology from UW-Milwaukee. Since graduation, he has specialized in orthopaedic physical therapy, and is board certified as an orthopaedic clinical specialist (OCS) by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. Gregg is also a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT) through the Institute of Physical Art. Since graduating from Marquette University, Gregg has been involved with teaching in the Program in Physical Therapy as an Adjunct Clinical Faculty member where he instructs 5th and 6th year students in advanced orthopaedics courses.

Gregg has been involved in cycling both as a competitive cyclist and an Expert Level Coach with the United States Cycling Federation since 1984. He is able to combine his physical therapy knowledge with experience as a competitive cyclist and coach to perform Integrated Cycling Evaluations and consultations with cyclists and triathletes at Body Mechanics.

One of Gregg's strengths as a clinician is his ability to effectively communicate with his patients with careful listening, and clear explanations of treatment plans that motivate patients to be compliant with home exercise plans and take corrective actions on their own. He maximizes each patient's potential with an optimistic goal-oriented approach.

“It’s gratifying to help a wide variety of people who all have unique problems and circumstances for how they came to us.”


Nearly all of Body Mechanics' patients have been referred to us by friends, family and colleagues.

Gregg Fuhrman is the guy who turned me around physically in a number of ways! I was introduced to him by a friend, who suggested his focus not only as a PT, but also as a cyclist was the perfect match for me and my lingering back issues. From day one, Gregg’s perspective was twofold, keeping both my overall health in mind along with my passion for spending countless hours on my bike! That was many years ago, and thankfully, while we don’t have a regular need for therapy, he still fits me on all my bikes and is the only person I listen to! And oh one more thing; there’s not a nicer guy out there!

Bill Koch

We first met Gregg when our daughter Lillian was a freshman in high school and recovering from an ACL hamstring graft. Gregg coached Lillian, a competitive athlete and at the time heavily involved in Irish dance, back to full strength and mobility.  Based on Lillian's experience, I sought out Gregg when my lower back went "out," was almost unable to walk and missed several days of work. Gregg evaluated my back, assessed the root cause of the chronic pain I had been experiencing, and within a few visits had me up and going. He also taught me new exercises for my back which have helped me to continue living pain-free and feeling better than ever.


I had physical therapy following knee and shoulder surgeries and then after a fall that reinjured my shoulder.  My shoulder and arm were in so much pain that I dreaded going to my PT appointment.  Gregg massaged and loosened the muscles in my arm and within minutes I relaxed and was able to perform the required exercises.  I have recommended Gregg to numerous people because I feel his skills helped me recover sooner than expected with excellent results.

Virginia Horning

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