Sue Smith


Sue has been practicing physical therapy since 1987 and joined the Body Mechanics team in 2005. She earned and recertified as a Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT) through the Institute of Physical Art and utilizes this foundational approach in her manual physical therapy care as do all the physical therapists at Body Mechanics. Sue has been involved in teaching other physical therapists regionally in the functional mobilization continuing education courses through the Institute of Physical Art based in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Sue effectively integrates a full body approach to evaluating her patients posture and movement patterns to identify areas of tightness, weakness, lack of neuromuscular control, and mechanical stress that leads to pain and inefficiency. She is able to localize dysfunction with exceptional palpation skills (manual touch) and utilize methods of manual mobilization and skilled guided resistance to restore strength, stability, coordination and more efficient movements and postures that reduce or eliminate pain. Sue has been trained and certified in methods of Trigger Point Dry Needling along with the rest of the staff at Body Mechanics and incorporates this into her other methods of treatment. She compliments her clinical treatments with effective, relevant home exercises for patients that empower them to help themselves and prevent reoccurrence.

“I love to work with my patients because I often see them reach a level that they never even expected. The difference between their before and after posture and movement photos is many times remarkable.”


Nearly all of Body Mechanics' patients have been referred to us by friends, family and colleagues.

I have been a patient of Sue Smith’s for the past several years. I am a triathlete who has battled numerous running injuries. I had been to several PTs in the area who were not able to “fix” my chronic injuries. I had almost given up on running until I was referred to Sue Smith at Body Mechanics. Sue was able to correct my chronic running injuries. Sue treated and rectified my injuries, but more importantly found the cause of my problems and prescribed specific strength exercises to prevent future injuries. I have been injury free for over six months.

I have referred numerous people to Sue Smith and each and every one has been satisfied with the outcome as she has “fixed” them too. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and aggressive with her treatment. 

Sarah Flayter

Without Sue Smith, my life would be a blurred, sedentary and miserable.

I had a sudden onset migraine headache.  Never having had a migraine I let it go a few days before seeking medical attention. Urgent care sent me to the ER. I received a full battery of tests and left with pain meds and instructions to see my physician if the headaches continued. They did and I saw a neurologist for more tests but no problems were found and the medication was increased.  After a year I mentioned the headaches to my dentist who then recommended Sue Smith. He had patients that found relief and were able to stop pain meds. Sue was able to pinpoint muscle tension. She used dry needling which began to allievate the headache within a few treatments. With home exercises the headaches were resolving and I stopped the pain meds.  

Separately, about eight weeks after knee replacement the muscles around my knee seemed to be getting tighter rather than looser despite doing all the exercises and therapy that was prescribed. My surgeon said a surgical procedure to break up the scar tissue was my only option. I told him that I wouldn't consider it until I saw Sue and got her advice. Sue found that the muscles were very tight. Following dry needling and strenght exercises, the doctor was very surprised when I walked into my next visit and the knee was bending better than he expected. No surgery needed!!

Thank You, Sue Smith for keeping this 64 year old woman on the move and medication free!!!

Bonnie Breiling

Sue is a very dedicated and knowledgeable physical therapist who was able to reduce the number of injuries on our team this past season, and keep our runners training and racing. She spent time with each athlete evaluating their running form and general mechanics.  From this, Sue was able to implement some very successful form modifications that drastically reduced our number of running related injuries.  Sue created a new dynamic warm-up routine which better prepared our runners for activity.  Sue also worked with our runners after they were out with injuries. Through a variety of highly effective therapy practices she was able to return them to full racing capacity very quickly.

Stephen Schmidt, Sussex Hamilton Cross Country Coach

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