Nearly all of Body Mechanics' patients have been referred to us by friends, family and colleagues.

I literally could not live and work the way I want without Andy Kerk.  Whether sitting comfortably at my desk or running outside, Andy has allowed me to pursue my professional and personal passions safely and pain free. If stress gets the better of me – or my neck and back, when I’ve overdone my athletic pursuits, or when I’ve taken a minor ankle roll emptying groceries, Andy has been there with his years of experience, knowledge and hands-on skills.

Unlike other therapists who will see you but just leave you in a room hooked up to some machine or doing some exercise, Andy spends the entire appointment with me.  He always explores the situation beyond the immediate point of pain so that we not only address the current issue but also the broader cause.   And when I am healed, I can trust Andy to tell me so and advise me that I no longer need his services.  He always sends me home with exercises and tips so that I can continue my healing on my own.

Pam Kassner

Gregg Fuhrman is the guy who turned me around physically in a number of ways! I was introduced to him by a friend, who suggested his focus not only as a PT, but also as a cyclist was the perfect match for me and my lingering back issues. From day one, Gregg’s perspective was twofold, keeping both my overall health in mind along with my passion for spending countless hours on my bike! That was many years ago, and thankfully, while we don’t have a regular need for therapy, he still fits me on all my bikes and is the only person I listen to! And oh one more thing; there’s not a nicer guy out there!

Bill Koch

I have been a patient of Sue Smith’s for the past several years. I am a triathlete who has battled numerous running injuries. I had been to several PTs in the area who were not able to “fix” my chronic injuries. I had almost given up on running until I was referred to Sue Smith at Body Mechanics. Sue was able to correct my chronic running injuries. Sue treated and rectified my injuries, but more importantly found the cause of my problems and prescribed specific strength exercises to prevent future injuries. I have been injury free for over six months.

I have referred numerous people to Sue Smith and each and every one has been satisfied with the outcome as she has “fixed” them too. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and aggressive with her treatment. 

Sarah Flayter

Andy Kerk has improved the quality of my life so much that I truly believe he is the Best Physical Therapist in Wisconsin! I always tell people ‘Andy saved my life.’  Because of his excellent care, he has enabled me to be active and pain free. I am always amazed that he can zero in on the problem by feeling and assessing movement. His treatments are always effective and resolve the issue. During treatment he constantly explains what he is doing and why and reinforces the proper movement. He follows up with exercises for me to do at home, sending them by email, a great help for patients like me who are older. I keep a folder with his exercises and instructions to go back over time.

Sandra Meyer (age 73)

I was in so much pain (following a boating accident) that I couldn’t lift a coffee mug with my left arm. I went to (another physical therapist) for almost six months with little to no relief.  That’s when I decided to visit Adam. After three treatments, I was relieved from all pain in my arm and I am still pain free.  I recommend Adam to everyone I know.

Chris Wersal

I am so very grateful for the time spent with Jes. She spent so much time with me. At every appointment she would explain everything she was doing and why she was doing it. She was so thorough and patient and answered any questions I had. After three to four sessions my pain was completely gone. I was given “homework” after each visit that I still do religiously today. While being treated, I was able to rehab without taking time off. This, to me, was absolutely amazing.  I recommend Body Mechanics to all of my runner friends. I love the approach that Body Mechanics takes with their clients. My experience was so much more than “let’s get rid of the pain.” It was a deep dive into what is causing the pain/tension/issues and fixing it at the source. Today, I am pain free, running happy and strong, and PR’ing races.  Thank you for everything, Jes and Body Mechanics!

Emily Larson

I came to Body Mechanics four and half years after an injury to my hip area. During that time I saw nine therapists and several doctors.  I had a great deal of pain and it prevented me from doing just about everything. After learning about dry needling I found my way to Body Mechanics. I started seeing Jes and the progress and change she has made to my lifestyle has been phenomenal.  The functional assessment and the soft tissue work Jes performed were the best that I had ever had. I never experienced relief as I had after Jes had worked on me. It did take time but, Jes never gave up and always looked for a solution. She explained everything that she was doing very thoroughly and answered all my questions. I am starting to resume normal activities -- walking 2-3 miles a day, biking, yoga and household projects -- what a difference for me and my family. I would highly recommend Jes as well as Body Mechanics to others. It is a great group of people to work with.

Diane Berg

We first met Gregg when our daughter Lillian was a freshman in high school and recovering from an ACL hamstring graft. Gregg coached Lillian, a competitive athlete and at the time heavily involved in Irish dance, back to full strength and mobility.  Based on Lillian's experience, I sought out Gregg when my lower back went "out," was almost unable to walk and missed several days of work. Gregg evaluated my back, assessed the root cause of the chronic pain I had been experiencing, and within a few visits had me up and going. He also taught me new exercises for my back which have helped me to continue living pain-free and feeling better than ever.

I had physical therapy following knee and shoulder surgeries and then after a fall that reinjured my shoulder.  My shoulder and arm were in so much pain that I dreaded going to my PT appointment.  Gregg massaged and loosened the muscles in my arm and within minutes I relaxed and was able to perform the required exercises.  I have recommended Gregg to numerous people because I feel his skills helped me recover sooner than expected with excellent results.

Virginia Horning

I came to Brent at Body Mechanics after exhausting many physical therapists in the greater Milwaukee area.  Brent not only has extensive knowledge base, but his attributes as a compassionate and creative individual allow him to be more than just an acquaintance.  Brent was able to adapt and approach my issues better than any other physical therapist I have encountered.  I feel very fortunate have met Brent in regard to my own personal success.  My body has progressed with his guidance.  With my many surgeries I attribute my success to Brent in regard to my ability to participate in sports and extracurricular activity.  I have and will continue to refer clients to him.

Robert Schmitz

My personal trainer referred me to Brent Bode of Body Mechanics to help me correct a few of the consequences of nearly 35 years sitting at a desk.  Within a few short weeks, Brent had helped me open my chest, straighten my shoulders and increase mobility in my shoulders and shoulder blades.  That made my personal trainer happy.  More importantly, it made a dramatic improvement in my performance as a horseback rider, my real passion.  I’ve recommended Brent to several friends and will continue to recommend him to anyone who will listen.  I wouldn’t have made as much progress as I have without him. 

Janet D. Olsen

I had a bulging disc in my back and tried many different remedies. I was giving up hope. I had decided to go for the surgery but a PT faculty member at Carroll suggested I try Body Mechanics.  I decided to try it as my last alternative. My bar was set low because nothing had worked. I met with Brent and immediately felt better. He started by taking the time to explain what was wrong with me (no one had done that) and talked about a course of action. Brent worked with me for several months and explained each and every step along the way.  He has changed my life.  I thought I was going to need surgery and be someone who would have to be sedentary for the rest of my life. Instead, I am moving, running four to five times a week and loving it!

Theresa Barry

I've had problems with the same sacroiliac/low back issues on and off for five years.  I finally decided that I needed to find the right person to get to the root of it
and get back to my active lifestyle.  Adam did an outstanding job of sorting through my history and mechanical problems to get to the underlying dysfunction.  I drove two hours to have him treat me and only wish I would have done it sooner.  As a fellow PT, when my friends and family in the Madison area need therapy, I know where I'll be sending them.

Cait Larsen

Without Sue Smith, my life would be a blurred, sedentary and miserable.

I had a sudden onset migraine headache.  Never having had a migraine I let it go a few days before seeking medical attention. Urgent care sent me to the ER. I received a full battery of tests and left with pain meds and instructions to see my physician if the headaches continued. They did and I saw a neurologist for more tests but no problems were found and the medication was increased.  After a year I mentioned the headaches to my dentist who then recommended Sue Smith. He had patients that found relief and were able to stop pain meds. Sue was able to pinpoint muscle tension. She used dry needling which began to allievate the headache within a few treatments. With home exercises the headaches were resolving and I stopped the pain meds.  

Separately, about eight weeks after knee replacement the muscles around my knee seemed to be getting tighter rather than looser despite doing all the exercises and therapy that was prescribed. My surgeon said a surgical procedure to break up the scar tissue was my only option. I told him that I wouldn't consider it until I saw Sue and got her advice. Sue found that the muscles were very tight. Following dry needling and strenght exercises, the doctor was very surprised when I walked into my next visit and the knee was bending better than he expected. No surgery needed!!

Thank You, Sue Smith for keeping this 64 year old woman on the move and medication free!!!

Bonnie Breiling

After sustaining an injury due to overuse / overtraining, I was introduced to Carl through a mutual friend. I was immediately impressed with Carl and the team at Body Mechanics. Carl quickly assessed my injury and developed a plan to not only help me recover from the injury, but strengthen the injured area. I worked with Carl for nearly 4 weeks leading up to my 2015 “A” race, Ironman Wisconsin. As a result of Carl’s work, my injury was behind me and I was able to race the entire day pain free (relatively speaking, it is an Ironman after all).


David Muchow

Sue is a very dedicated and knowledgeable physical therapist who was able to reduce the number of injuries on our team this past season, and keep our runners training and racing. She spent time with each athlete evaluating their running form and general mechanics.  From this, Sue was able to implement some very successful form modifications that drastically reduced our number of running related injuries.  Sue created a new dynamic warm-up routine which better prepared our runners for activity.  Sue also worked with our runners after they were out with injuries. Through a variety of highly effective therapy practices she was able to return them to full racing capacity very quickly.

Stephen Schmidt, Sussex Hamilton Cross Country Coach

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