Nearly all of Body Mechanics' patients have been referred to us by friends, family and colleagues.

I literally could not live and work the way I want without Andy Kerk.  Whether sitting comfortably at my desk or running outside, Andy has allowed me to pursue my professional and personal passions safely and pain free. If stress gets the better of me – or my neck and back, when I’ve overdone my athletic pursuits, or when I’ve taken a minor ankle roll emptying groceries, Andy has been there with his years of experience, knowledge and hands-on skills.

Unlike other therapists who will see you but just leave you in a room hooked up to some machine or doing some exercise, Andy spends the entire appointment with me.  He always explores the situation beyond the immediate point of pain so that we not only address the current issue but also the broader cause.   And when I am healed, I can trust Andy to tell me so and advise me that I no longer need his services.  He always sends me home with exercises and tips so that I can continue my healing on my own.

Pam Kassner

Gregg Fuhrman is the guy who turned me around physically in a number of ways! I was introduced to him by a friend, who suggested his focus not only as a PT, but also as a cyclist was the perfect match for me and my lingering back issues. From day one, Gregg’s perspective was twofold, keeping both my overall health in mind along with my passion for spending countless hours on my bike! That was many years ago, and thankfully, while we don’t have a regular need for therapy, he still fits me on all my bikes and is the only person I listen to! And oh one more thing; there’s not a nicer guy out there!

Bill Koch

Andy Kerk has improved the quality of my life so much that I truly believe he is the Best Physical Therapist in Wisconsin! I always tell people ‘Andy saved my life.’  Because of his excellent care, he has enabled me to be active and pain free. I am always amazed that he can zero in on the problem by feeling and assessing movement. His treatments are always effective and resolve the issue. During treatment he constantly explains what he is doing and why and reinforces the proper movement. He follows up with exercises for me to do at home, sending them by email, a great help for patients like me who are older. I keep a folder with his exercises and instructions to go back over time.

Sandra Meyer (age 73)

I was in so much pain (following a boating accident) that I couldn’t lift a coffee mug with my left arm. I went to (another physical therapist) for almost six months with little to no relief.  That’s when I decided to visit Adam. After three treatments, I was relieved from all pain in my arm and I am still pain free.  I recommend Adam to everyone I know.

Chris Wersal

We first met Gregg when our daughter Lillian was a freshman in high school and recovering from an ACL hamstring graft. Gregg coached Lillian, a competitive athlete and at the time heavily involved in Irish dance, back to full strength and mobility.  Based on Lillian's experience, I sought out Gregg when my lower back went "out," was almost unable to walk and missed several days of work. Gregg evaluated my back, assessed the root cause of the chronic pain I had been experiencing, and within a few visits had me up and going. He also taught me new exercises for my back which have helped me to continue living pain-free and feeling better than ever.


I had physical therapy following knee and shoulder surgeries and then after a fall that reinjured my shoulder.  My shoulder and arm were in so much pain that I dreaded going to my PT appointment.  Gregg massaged and loosened the muscles in my arm and within minutes I relaxed and was able to perform the required exercises.  I have recommended Gregg to numerous people because I feel his skills helped me recover sooner than expected with excellent results.

Virginia Horning

I've had problems with the same sacroiliac/low back issues on and off for five years.  I finally decided that I needed to find the right person to get to the root of it
and get back to my active lifestyle.  Adam did an outstanding job of sorting through my history and mechanical problems to get to the underlying dysfunction.  I drove two hours to have him treat me and only wish I would have done it sooner.  As a fellow PT, when my friends and family in the Madison area need therapy, I know where I'll be sending them.

Cait Larsen

After sustaining an injury due to overuse / overtraining, I was introduced to Carl through a mutual friend. I was immediately impressed with Carl and the team at Body Mechanics. Carl quickly assessed my injury and developed a plan to not only help me recover from the injury, but strengthen the injured area. I worked with Carl for nearly 4 weeks leading up to my 2015 “A” race, Ironman Wisconsin. As a result of Carl’s work, my injury was behind me and I was able to race the entire day pain free (relatively speaking, it is an Ironman after all).

David Muchow

ABSOLUTELY the BEST!! My therapist who works her magic is Jenna..she's AMAZING..so caring and passionate about her job..always makes you smile and finds a positive in any situation. Would highly recommend to anyone!


I am so happy that I have been going to Physical Therapy for shoulder stiffness! My shoulder was never the same after I slipped and fell on it three years ago! Physical therapist Jenna Mielke has really accomplished a miracle! I have felt startling improvement with the range of my left shoulder with only 4 dry needle treatments. I highly recommend Jenna and this treatment for anyone looking for this type of relief!


I am currently working with Jenna Mielke who has expertise  to work with my vestibular issues. Jenna is very professional and absolutely knows what she is doing. Jenna is also very personable and I have found it a joy to get to know her and work with her. After all, physical therapy is a two-person job! I would highly recommend Jenna for any type of physical therapy you need. I guarantee you will not be disappointed


I came to Physical Therapy after 10 months of chronic pelvic pain that no one-- not a chiropractor, not an acupuncturist, not an orthopedist, not another physical therapy clinic-- had satisfactorily diagnosed and treated. I had started thinking I might have to live with the pain the rest of my life. But within two weeks of coming to physical therapy, Jenna came up with treatment--based on listening to me, examination, and some suspicions my orthopedist had-- that began moving me toward being pain free. Within a month I was pain free and have remained so!


On my first visit to Elizabeth it was difficult for me to raise my arm above my shoulder. I was afraid to use that arm and had trouble sleeping because of the constant shoulder ache. During our six weeks together Elizabeth massaged tight muscles until they became pliable, then taught me to reuse and strengthen those muscles. Each session she seemed to know which areas needed work and in time I was able to use my arm normally again. I am thrilled to be well on the road to recovery in such a short time, but I’m going to miss my sessions with Elizabeth because I enjoyed talking with her so much! I can’t imagine a more caring and competent therapist, and would recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy.


Hello friends. Tom Pipines here. As someone blessed to be a TV sportscaster in Southeastern Wisconsin for three and a half decades, earning the viewers trust was important to me.

When I had my knee replaced, I needed people I could trust for my therapy. I’m so thankful that my doctor sent me to Body Mechanics Physical Therapy. Gregg is my PT and he’s as good as it gets. My knee is better than ever because of his efforts and expertise. Gregg is a perfect example of Body Mechanics delivering what they promise: “Individualized Attention and Hands on Therapy”. Beyond all that, he’s become a friend to me.

I can honestly say the same about Jenny and Pam, the fine folks on the “front line”. From the moment I walked in the door, they made me feel comfortable. Everyone I’ve dealt with is professional, personable and caring.

Owner Andy Kerk is a great PT in his own right. He’s also a servant leader who trusts his staff to do a great job. And they do.

In short, I couldn’t be happier with Body Mechanics. They are a Championship Team.

You can Trust me.

Tom Pipines

Elizabeth is an amazing PT. I have seen Elizabeth over the past 9 months for recovery from surgery on my hamstring. Her treatment has been excellent and I am back to running, hiking, biking and soon skiing. Elizabeth explains verbally and with pictures/diagrams what is happening in my musculoskeletal system. Unlike many PTs she will do hands-on manipulation. She provides exercises to do between our appointments, which have significantly facilitated healing. I cannot recommend Elizabeth enough.

Nancy O'Donnell

I recently saw Dannie Wunderlich for short-term physical therapy for an injury to my hip area and upper leg, I am 55 and very active, working out 5-6 times per week. Dannie listened to my concerns and wanted to know about my workouts, coming up with a treatment plan that incorporated my activities without sidelining me completely. Dannie took the time to explain the treatments she was providing, including manipulation, stretching and needling, providing fast results to get me back to my peak performance. Dannie also provided additional exercises and stretches to include in my workouts, ensuring that everything was working together to allow me to continue my activities. Dannie is very knowledgeable and professional and I would highly recommend her for anyone needing physical therapy.  Dannie is a great addition to Body Mechanics and exhibits the high level of excellence I expect from them.


I received a referral to Body Mechanics, from my friend, a PT professor. I had already seen several PT’s in my network that had not had much impact on my neck and back pain. One day at work, I acutely injured my back and had difficulty walking. Dannie was able to see me within 48 hours of my injury. After one session with her, I had made drastic improvements after she utilized dry-needling techniques. I was amazed at how accurate and unobtrusive this technique was, and how quickly I was able to recover. Dannie’s physical evaluation was so in depth, and her knowledge base very strong, I developed a lot of confidence in her competence. She is very professional, and an excellent teacher as she educated me with regards to my body’s misalignments and how it was affecting my physical activities, and how I could prevent further injury. She has a comforting bedside manner above all else, I was greatly encouraged in her care. Within two weeks, I was back to exercising with no pain. I have told everyone I know that needs physical therapy to seek a Body Mechanics therapist.


Sent by friends who had amazing improvement and I experienced the same of an 8 month complaint . Very thorough analysis of the problem (much more complete than other PTs) and Elizabeth resolved the issue within a short time with massage and strengthening exercises. Highly Recommended!


Jenna helped me work through an extremely painful strain in my neck this week. She's professional, very personable, knows her stuff, and her technique brought me relief nearly immediately. Highly recommend Jenna and Body Mechanics overall!


Just wanted to let you know that Carl has been working miracles on my back. So nice to know you have great people working there. So glad I found you guys!


Carl did a fantastic job last summer getting me through a bad trigger point episode in my hamstring - I even had trouble walking initially. By my last appointment in October I was back to running 60 miles per week and completing track workouts. I’m 100% today and just signed up for a marathon in May - I’m so looking forward to it as I did not race a single time in 2020. I highly recommend Body Mechanics PT to my friends!


I met Elizabeth Melville after a shoulder repair surgery was unsuccessful and I was looking at a long recovery from a concurrent nerve injury before further shoulder repair could be attempted. I wanted someone who I felt confident would take the long view and work with me through slow progress and with multiple objectives.

Elizabeth has been absolutely WONDERFUL to work with! She listens carefully and applies her extensive knowledge of human anatomy and body mechanics. She always checks her understanding and conclusions with me to ensure we both have a clear understanding. She thinks outside the box about treatment modalities. She is kind, caring, and so enthusiastic in her work; I trust that my wellbeing and progress are absolutely a priority for her. Something out of the ordinary in my experience with physical therapists is that she followed up via email with me regarding home exercises. She also readily uses physical manipulation when called for.


“I was skeptical about doing PT again because my first experience (at another place) was not that great. They just basically sent you into the workout area and told me to do my exercises. With the amount of pain that I was having in my back, I was willing to try anything, even if it meant PT again. My doctor’s office referred me and I met Lauren. She is an amazing physical therapist who spends the whole hour one on one with me and every week I can’t wait to come in and see her. Lauren is very knowledgeable, explains everything very well, and is extremely nice and personable to boot! I feel like I hit the jackpot with having Lauren as my physical therapist and I have even told my friends that if that want to give PT another try, they need to go and see Lauren.”


“Was very pleased with the therapy provided by Lauren Hogan. Excellent. Not only did she address my specific pain but provided me with a program of exercises and information that I’ll be able to continue and build upon to improve my health, and to address as well as hopefully avoid other physical issues. My visits were both productive and enjoyable...This was my first experience with PT and it was a very good one. Thank you.”


“Outstanding! Lauren has given me some excellent exercises and has given me treatments that are very effective in aiding my healing. She is extremely knowledgeable and a very caring professional.”


"Lauren is an exceptional PT, always trying new exercises for my back. Listens, truly cares."


“I have been very impressed with the work I’ve done with Lauren. I’ve done physical therapy at several places over the years, in hospital and outpatient, and I can honestly say this is the best, and nicest, experience I have had. More important,I have learned more about what I need to do and why than previously, and am seeing results. I feel accepted and not judged, encouraged and hopeful each time I leave a session. It’s been a great experience.”


“It was great. My therapist did some massage and dry needling and gave me some helpful exercises. She explained my anatomy and how the exercise works which is very helpful. I felt so much better, pain wise, when I left. Lauren is awesome. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for therapy.”


I'm getting old and been to my share of physical therapists. Jenna Mielke at Body Mechanics is absolutely the BEST PT by leaps and bounds. Extremely competent in both diagnosing and fixing the issues, I highly recommend her for post surgery as well as fixing those aches and pains that creep up. She gives very realistic, doable exercises to do at home. You don't need to be a gymnastics gold medalist to do them!


The team at Body Mechanics is incredible. When I need extra encouragement and some PT to get my body working again, I know Andy, Elizabeth and others are there to help me learn (and sometimes relearn) how to keep my body working well. This is a judgement free zone that uses the most up to date techniques and kind and patient instruction to help me heal myself.

The environment is light filled and comfortable. All the staff are knowledgeable and friendly and I value their expertise and recommendations. Best place to recover from injury or get into shape!


I started physical therapy with Elizabeth three weeks ago and from the first moment, she made me feel at ease and reassured me that we would get to the bottom of my pain and that she thought she could help me. The office manager, Lorinda, is also amazing. She took the time to break down the costs for me so that I could make the right decision on a payment plan. I'm making really good progress, relearning how to use parts of my body I have been using incorrectly, and my pain levels are significantly lower day by day. I look forward to completing my PT plan under the care and guidance of Elizabeth and to leading a more happy and physically active existence. I also appreciate her teaching mentality. She takes the time to explain what muscles we are targeting and how it all works. I'm a nerd who appreciates that sort of stuff. If you're in pain, do yourself a favor and make an appointment.


I can't speak highly enough about all the physical therapists at Body Mechanics! As a running coach, BM is the only place I feel confident sending my runners to knowing they will get the best care and be able to stay running while in treatment when possible (every runners dream!). The Alter G treadmill is a giant bonus for those recovering from injuries.

Personally, I have worked with 2 therapists at the downtown location and had amazing care. Carl helped me complete a marathon 5 months post-partum after my first baby while I battled SI joint instability and plantar faciitis issues. Jenna has been helping me after baby #2 with pelvic floor strengthening and general tune-ups. I can't thank them enough for keeping me and my runners continuing to reach our goals!


Body Mechanics has been my “go to” PT clinic for years. My recent course of therapy with Carl has been of the same high quality! Carl is an extremely well trained, meticulous and curious practitioner. He got to the bottom of an old knee injury and I am now running again, after being sidelined recently. I really appreciate his thorough assessment, manual therapy, exercise education and follow up. I have referred many friends and family to Body Mechanics through the years and will continue to do so wholeheartedly.


Elizabeth has been able to help in 2.5 weeks with pain I have been struggling with for 5 Months. I have been to 2 chiropractors and 2 PT prior to Elizabeth without any relief. I also tried massage and acupuncture without success. Elizabeth takes great notes and understands all of the health issues involved. She was the first to introduce dry needling which has done wonders for helping with the pain. I went from constant pain to being able to water ski again. Thanks Elizabeth and Jenn. I truly appreciate your hard work and help.



I've never written a review for any company before, so the fact that I am actually writing one speaks volumes for how incredible Body Mechanics is. I have spent decades with knee pain. Body Mechanics was and is the only place I have found relief. Both Carl and Andy have provided tools to minimize my pain. I have been going here for 8 years now. Thanks to Andy I was able to summit Mt Kilimanjaro. Thanks to Carl, I am playing soccer, staying active and doing all the things I love. Even if I don't need specific work done, I still go to Carl for a tuneup. I was extremely inactive prior to finding BM, and none of these things would have been possible without them. Thank you Andy for getting me started! Thank you Carl for keeping me going!


Andy was fantastic! Had around four different PTs throughout my ACL rehab and he was definitely the best. Very hands on and affective techniques to help with pain and great services. Overall a great place


I am an advanced-trained body worker, and my standards for receiving such work are quite high. It was difficult to find a PT who knew how to work on me. Enter: Andy Kerk. He is so skilled, so knowledgeable, and easy to be with. Most importantly he got me out of a chronic pain situation in which I could barely walk to (now) being able to walk for two hours without trouble. I'm not familiar with the other PTs in his office, but I would not hesitate to work with any one of them, based on what I know about Andy's standards of practice. His office space is open, well-equipped and Covid-clean. Body Mechanics is my go-to place for PT.


I was referred to Gregg by one of the best sports orthopedic doctors in Milwaukee. Shoulder pain had put an end to a lifetime of bicycling, and I was ready to give it up before seeking therapy. Gregg had me back on the bike in two months. Forever grateful and would strongly recommend Body Mechanics.


From the first day when we (my husband and I) were greeted by the smiling Jenny at the front desk, we knew we picked the perfect place to help us. We had tried 2 other PT places for months in the past year and a half and did not get the relief we needed for my broken ankle and my husband’s knee replacement. We felt we were in a factory since we were continuously handed off to other trainers and did not spend the entire appointment with the attention of just one therapist. Gregg at Body Mechanics is a great therapist who spends the entire appointment time with us, listens to our physical complaints and helps us understand how the treatment will assist in our recovery. In the short time we’ve been with him we have both made significant progress in our recovery to normal movement. We will gladly refer anyone we know who needs ANY kind of PT to Body Mechanics. I personally am happy to be without pain for the first time after a year and a half.


Highly recommend Body Mechanics Physical Therapy! From my initial call to set up an appointment, I felt welcomed and respected. Jenny, Pam and Lorinda are so friendly and helpful when you contact the office. I have continued to use Body Mechanics as they consistently provide first class customer service and patient care with a team that has a wide breadth of knowledge, experience, and certifications. At my first consultation and treatment with Andy, I felt confident he could help me. The approach to physical therapy is comprehensive and customized to your individual need, from the one-on-one treatment to the home exercises and adaptations they recommend. The physical therapy provided by Body Mechanics has enabled me to maintain an active lifestyle through some major, persistent health challenges. I also sent my husband there and he saw Andy and Gregg with success. Body Mechanics is the best!


I suffered a devastating injury that left me unable to run for 14 long weeks. The team at Body Mechanics Pewaukee were able to help get me back running pain free again. After receiving advanced physical therapy techniques to the use of the anti-gravity treadmill, I was training again faster and stronger than ever. Therapist Dannie has been especially instrumental in my progress since then, especially in my training for the 2021 Boston Marathon. I have gone to other physical therapists in the past, but none have understood and have adapted to my training like the team at Body Mechanics


Finding Body Mechanics has been a life-changing experience for me! I am a long-distance runner who has been battling running-related injuries for over 10 years. I've tried everything. Chiropractors, exercise, stretches, running "gurus" at running stores, cortisone shots from an MD and a lot of PT. Before Body Mechanics, I went to a PT office that was tied to an MD & was under the wing of a large healthcare conglomerate.
What they do at Body Mechanics is SO different! (And for the same price!) At Body Mechanics, a physical therapist spends the entire time one-on-one with you. They listen. They remember what you're working on. They care! They don't leave you in a corner for a half hour with ice, heat, stim... At Body Mechanics I receive an entire hour of hands-on stretching, fascia work and manipulation. This is the first time I have finally started to feel better and I credit it to Body Mechanics. If you go to a PT office where the therapist spends about 10 minutes with you before they rush off to another patient, you're at the wrong place! Go to Body Mechanics and get the love you deserve!


I had the great fortune of having Dannie Wunderlich work on my ankle following a double break. After a year following my injury I still had daily discomfort and loss of full range of my ankle. Dannie worked on it so well that I felt immediate relief, most noticed the day after while working and being on my feet all day. Normally that would have resulted in a very sore ankle but I experienced no soreness or discomfort! It kind of felt like my ankle was made of a steel spiderweb before Dannie and after working on it, she broke all the steel little threads and made it feel like it had before the break!


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