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Monday, May 06, 2013
A Right psoas (hip flexor) from front view.

A key structure for a healthy and efficient low back, pelvis and hip and lower extremity is a muscle called the psoas (pronounced soh-uhs). This muscle forms a strut of support or a pillar at the front of your lumbar spine (low back) on each side, right and left. In slang terms, this is your tenderloin. It actually attaches (originates) at the front and sides of your vertebrae and discs, behind your abdominal contents and inserts (it’s lower...

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Red muscle fibers teased apart show connective tissue fascia

Muscle play can be defined as the ability of a muscle in your body to be mobile and move separately from surrounding structures such as other muscles, adjacent bones, and even your skin. Perform this little test to experience one of the ways muscles move. Grasp your bicep between the thumb and fingers of your opposite hand and feel how wide it is. Now do a bicep curl type of movement by...

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