Changes in Running and Walking Form for Individuals with Current or Past Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

I love Running.  It is engaging and intriguing.  I am especially interested in how we as humans are meant to move when at our best, or most efficient.   In my view, walking and running should be a whole body activity.  Have you have ever seen someone walk and they are only moving their legs and not the pelvis and trunk?  When I see this, it looks like something is missing.  Ideally the pelvis, trunk, shoulder blades, arms and legs should all be performing their independent jobs; but in concert.  According to the Journal of Biomechanics, those with general low back pain demonstrate less pelvic rotation during walking and running than those without low back pain.    Another article in the journal of Spine supports this idea, stating that those with low back pain or even those with a history of low back pain have a relative decrease in movement between the pelvis and trunk.  If this idea seems a bit abstract check out this You Tube link to a video of Olympian Triunesh Dibaba.  Notice her pelvis movement from: 50 to 1:00 in the video.  Really the whole video of her is miraculous!  If you have back pain, consider coming to our Back Pain seminar on 2/22/18, 6pm, BodyMechanics – Madison.  Sign up here! Stay Tuned for upcoming running seminars as well! 

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