Excellent Patient Questions

I am a 66 year old female runner / racer and have been having some middle back pain (long term). My personal trainer suggested that you might be able to help me with some physical therapy. I would like to engage Body Mechanics to help me with that physical therapy. My questions to you would be:

  • Can you help? Usually! Fairly certain we can help, sometimes complete relief, sometimes improvement and strategies to better manage pain and stay active.
  • What would the protocol look like? Our PT’s utilize a combination of manual mobilization methods (hands on work) to free joints and connective tissue restrictions that you can’t work as well on your own even with more specific exercise. We also combine hands on methods to re-educate your posture and movement patterns and assign you home exercises to keep the process moving forward in terms of mobilization, movement awareness, strength, stamina, etc. Our manual therapy skills are the key ingredient that separate us from other PT’s, chiropractors, and some doctors as well as the work that you can do with your trainer or on your own. Our work dovetails very nicely in conjunction with the thoughtful exercise that I know your personal trainer applies. Our work is complimentary with theirs for the most part, not instead of which I suspect is one of the reasons he recommended that you see us. 
  • How long would it take? ​Most people notice change within the first 2-3 visits, often working intently for 6-8 week bouts of care. The first visit includes evaluation and treatment to individualize your plan, and subsequent visits get even more right into treatment. Most people see us 1-2 times per week, our sessions are mostly an hour in length, and can be 30 min if appropriate. 
  • How will we know that we are successful? You will feel better! People say they can move easier, stand taller with less effort, or in your case, you will feel improvements in your running. You should gradually move and function more efficiently and may notice improvements in ways you didn’t even realize were deficient. If we feel other members of the health care team should be consulted, such as physicians, we can recommend good practitioners that we have good working relationships with.
  • How much will it cost (and is any of it covered by my Medicare Advantage program)? Prior to your first visit we will check on coverage through your insurance as all policies vary. You will be able to choose whatever is the least amount of out-of-pocket expense to you. Over half of our patients take advantage of discounted rates for time-of-service cash payment outside of their insurance (either because this is cheaper, or they may not have coverage at our facility). Again, we try to establish this information for you to decide before or at the time of your first visit. Another factor is that our work gets people better faster and in fewer visits because we don’t waste time with senseless standardized exercises, we see people for ample time in one-on-one sessions, and we are experienced and skilled with what we do.

A good next step is to call our office in Milwaukee (414-224-8219), Pewaukee (262-695-3057), or Madison (608-422-5085) to set up your first appointment and give us your insurance information so we can check on your coverage and get back to you about what works best for you. We hope we see you in our clinic soon!

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