Body Mechanics sponsors a number of area fitness events where we are available onsite. Look for our hard-to-miss bright orange tent at pre-event expos or the day of the event to answer your questions and provide brief therapies.

Our therapists also lead educational sessions for consumers and continuing education workshops for other therapists.

Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 6:00pm
Body Mechanics Physical Therapy - Madison

Attend our Seminar!  Low Back Pain:  Sources of Pain and What to Do About it. 

Come and visit with Madison’s only Certified Functional Manual Therapist and get answers regarding Low Back Pain (this includes the buttocks and pelvis too).  Here is some of what you will learn.

  • The number one mistake back pain and sciatica sufferers make

  • Pain-causing structures in the low back pain
  • The brain’s involvement in the pain process 

  • How to choose the right treatment

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Check out this testimonial from one of our clients with low back pain!

"I injured my lower back over a year ago and developed chronic hip pain.  I had been to numerous physical therapists, but my progress was at a standstill.  Whether standing, sitting, walking, running, or sleeping, the pain was always there.  It was frustrating.  I had pretty much given up on physical therapy.  Then I found Body Mechanics through their Core Running class.  I was hoping I could learn to run with less pain.  There I met Adam and was immediately impressed with his approach to developing an efficiently functioning body for running and life in general. After my first therapy session with Adam, I was almost pain free. With his treatment and home care tips, I was able to sleep comfortably through the night, something I hadn’t been able to do for so many months.  What a relief!  Adam is very thorough and caring.  He has an incredible depth of knowledge.  He found and treated the cause of my pain. Even my posture and gait have improved.  Adam also treated a nagging pain I had in the ball of my foot.  I can run without pain. It’s amazing.  The results have exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Adam and Body Mechanics."

--Mary L

Questions?  Contact Adam at

2450 Rimrock Rd, Ste. 206.  Madison, WI 53713.  608-422-5085.

Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 6:00pm
Body Mechanics Physical Therapy - Madison

While there can be many reasons for a headache, often there is a physical component to the headache that includes issues with joints in the neck, referred muscle pain, as well as posture issues.  Come visit with Adam and learn common headache sources, and what can be done about them. 

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Check out the testimonial below from a recent client regarding treatment for headaches!

"I’ve seen lots of doctors, chiropractors, and therapist over the years for chronic pain and related issues, so when I ended up with a jaw problem I as referred here, I assumed I’d get what I usually did; a lot of promises for quick solutions that never materialized.  Adam was different from the very first visit.  He genuinely listens, and asks for my feedback and input on my care.  He gives me a say in my health – something I didn’t really think I had. 

          Better yet, what he does actually works.  He took a jaw issue that left me unable to eat anything harder than soup and got me back to almost normal in just a few months.  He also addressed issues with my neck that I’d had for as long as I could remember.  It was the first time I recall being able to stand straight without pain. 

          Unlike other offices, Adam didn’t keep me making appointments indefinitely with no clear action plan or goal.  He was open and honest about what he thinks treatment can do and how often (or not) he actually needs to see me.  I’ve never really trusted a medical professional to do what was best for me as a patient rather than themselves as the provider.  With Adam, there’s no doubt.  I know I can trust him to listen and make decisions based on what is best for my health. 

          I could not be more pleased with my experience at Body Mechanics, and I count it a true blessing that I ended up here. "



Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 9:00am
Body Mechanics Physical Therapy - Madison

This day is dedicated to you!  For the entire day we will have free 45 min consultations for any current, past or new customers.  We will also have some door prizes and food.  Don't hesitate to bring a friend as well.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 6:00pm
Body Mechanics Physical Therapy - Madison

Need to work out those kinks and sore muscles?  Come to our How to Use Your Foam Roller class.  We will pair instruction on use of the foam roller with discussion of the muscles we are working on, including use of pictures and diagrams.  30-40 minute class.

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