Membership Rates

Monthly Membership – Recovery Club Basic

$89 per month includes first time orientation to equipment and injury evaluation and unlimited use of:

  • NormaTec Recovery Boots (20 minute session in full recline, legs elevated)
  • Inversion Traction (Use as desired)
  • Other cross-training/recovery exercise equipment including Elliptical, Stationary Bike, Woodway treadmill (Use as desired)

Monthly Membership AlterG Training or Recovery Club  “G-Boost” (AlterG)

$125 per month includes

  • All of the above
  • AlterG up to three times per week; up to 45 minutes each (Book in advance or walk-in as available.) 

Regular AlterG users may want to purchase their own specialized shorts for use. You can purchase these online or at Body Mechanics for as low as $75. Shorts are also available that we wash after each use for no charge. 

Drop-In Day Rate For AlterG or Normatech Boots

$45 orientation and set up fee for first time users.

$25 drop-in single session use up to 45 min. (Book in advance or walk-in as available)

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