Andy Kerk

President, PT, ATC

Andy has practiced physical therapy since 1983 and has developed into a respected leader in the Milwaukee-area orthopedic and sports physical therapy community. In 2014, the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association selected Andy as the Physical Therapist of the Year Award winner. He founded the independent free-standing PT practice of Body Mechanics in 1999 and has successfully assembled a talented team of highly skilled manual physical therapists to serve the area. His dual background of athletic training and physical therapy, combined with his skills in analyzing human movement, communication, and gifted sense of touch allow him to help athletes and other individuals optimize their physical abilities. Andy taught continuing education to physical therapists through the Institute of Physical Art for over 30 years as well as presenting at many state physical therapy meetings. He gained valuable experience in mentoring and guiding other PT's in their quest to grow and improve their manual physical therapy and treatment skills. His focus is now in support of the experienced and talented team of PT's at Body Mechanics along with practice management and care of his own patients. 

Andy is known as a resource for other physical therapists for consultation on difficult cases as well as for treatment of their own injuries. His advanced training includes Functional Manual Therapy™ proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, specific functional exercise, foot orthotics, and dry needling methods for trigger point treatment.

“I can’t wait to see my patients because I always believe I can help them. My colleagues and I have been gifted with unique skills and abilities that can make a huge difference for people.”


Nearly all of Body Mechanics' patients have been referred to us by friends, family and colleagues.

I literally could not live and work the way I want without Andy Kerk.  Whether sitting comfortably at my desk or running outside, Andy has allowed me to pursue my professional and personal passions safely and pain free. If stress gets the better of me – or my neck and back, when I’ve overdone my athletic pursuits, or when I’ve taken a minor ankle roll emptying groceries, Andy has been there with his years of experience, knowledge and hands-on skills.

Unlike other therapists who will see you but just leave you in a room hooked up to some machine or doing some exercise, Andy spends the entire appointment with me.  He always explores the situation beyond the immediate point of pain so that we not only address the current issue but also the broader cause.   And when I am healed, I can trust Andy to tell me so and advise me that I no longer need his services.  He always sends me home with exercises and tips so that I can continue my healing on my own.

Pam Kassner

Andy Kerk has improved the quality of my life so much that I truly believe he is the Best Physical Therapist in Wisconsin! I always tell people ‘Andy saved my life.’  Because of his excellent care, he has enabled me to be active and pain free. I am always amazed that he can zero in on the problem by feeling and assessing movement. His treatments are always effective and resolve the issue. During treatment he constantly explains what he is doing and why and reinforces the proper movement. He follows up with exercises for me to do at home, sending them by email, a great help for patients like me who are older. I keep a folder with his exercises and instructions to go back over time.

Sandra Meyer (age 73)

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