Dannie Wunderlich


Dannie is convinced she has the best job in the world. Since graduating with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, she has enjoyed the privilege of helping her patients move better and live more freely! She loves tackling the “puzzle” of physical therapy, and she works with each patient individually to help them become more independent and confident in their abilities. As a therapist, Dannie values the journey of getting to know her patients and learning how to help them achieve their goals. She has worked with a wide variety of patients in the Midwest and has also had the opportunity to bring physical therapy to both the pediatric and adult population in the Dominican Republic for Solid Rock International. She finds great fulfilment in the challenge of PT, and considers every patient to be a blessing and an opportunity in her life.

Dannie has received training in and is working towards certification in Functional Manual Therapy (CFMT) though the Institute of Physical Art (a foundational training organization for all of the Body Mechanics staff). She continually researches ways to best address a variety of patient needs. She frequently utilizes manual therapy including joint and soft tissue mobilizations, dry needling, and movement re-education in order to help reduce pain and improve movement strategies. Her ultimate goal is to help her patients more fully enjoy life and what it has to offer.


“I love to help people realize how resilient and adaptable their bodies were made to be, and to learn just what they can achieve."


Nearly all of Body Mechanics' patients have been referred to us by friends, family and colleagues.

I recently saw Dannie Wunderlich for short-term physical therapy for an injury to my hip area and upper leg, I am 55 and very active, working out 5-6 times per week. Dannie listened to my concerns and wanted to know about my workouts, coming up with a treatment plan that incorporated my activities without sidelining me completely. Dannie took the time to explain the treatments she was providing, including manipulation, stretching and needling, providing fast results to get me back to my peak performance. Dannie also provided additional exercises and stretches to include in my workouts, ensuring that everything was working together to allow me to continue my activities. Dannie is very knowledgeable and professional and I would highly recommend her for anyone needing physical therapy.  Dannie is a great addition to Body Mechanics and exhibits the high level of excellence I expect from them.


I received a referral to Body Mechanics, from my friend, a PT professor. I had already seen several PT’s in my network that had not had much impact on my neck and back pain. One day at work, I acutely injured my back and had difficulty walking. Dannie was able to see me within 48 hours of my injury. After one session with her, I had made drastic improvements after she utilized dry-needling techniques. I was amazed at how accurate and unobtrusive this technique was, and how quickly I was able to recover. Dannie’s physical evaluation was so in depth, and her knowledge base very strong, I developed a lot of confidence in her competence. She is very professional, and an excellent teacher as she educated me with regards to my body’s misalignments and how it was affecting my physical activities, and how I could prevent further injury. She has a comforting bedside manner above all else, I was greatly encouraged in her care. Within two weeks, I was back to exercising with no pain. I have told everyone I know that needs physical therapy to seek a Body Mechanics therapist.


I suffered a devastating injury that left me unable to run for 14 long weeks. The team at Body Mechanics Pewaukee were able to help get me back running pain free again. After receiving advanced physical therapy techniques to the use of the anti-gravity treadmill, I was training again faster and stronger than ever. Therapist Dannie has been especially instrumental in my progress since then, especially in my training for the 2021 Boston Marathon. I have gone to other physical therapists in the past, but none have understood and have adapted to my training like the team at Body Mechanics


I had the great fortune of having Dannie Wunderlich work on my ankle following a double break. After a year following my injury I still had daily discomfort and loss of full range of my ankle. Dannie worked on it so well that I felt immediate relief, most noticed the day after while working and being on my feet all day. Normally that would have resulted in a very sore ankle but I experienced no soreness or discomfort! It kind of felt like my ankle was made of a steel spiderweb before Dannie and after working on it, she broke all the steel little threads and made it feel like it had before the break!


I knew Physical Therapy could accomplish very good things but I was absolutely amazed at what Dannie was able to accomplish in just three visits. I had constant pain in my knee, recuring pain in my hip and limited movement in my shoulder with stiffness. After the first visit the gait of my walk was back to normal and the pain in my hip was completely gone even though she only treated my knee. By the completion of the third visit the pain in my knee was almost completely gone and my shoulder has regained significant range of motion. I am now a firm believer in the benefits of Physical Therapy and I want to thank Dannie for sharing her skills and knowledge to help me feel and move better. I highly recommend Dannie as an extremely effective Physical Therapist to help you.


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