I keep stretching my hip flexors, but why are they still so tight?


A common issue we hear from runners and cyclists is that they try to stretch their hip flexors ALL THE TIME and yet they STILL feel tight. When we have them demonstrate how they are stretching, it makes a lot of sense why they still feel pain and tightness. Read on to see how to achieve an effective muscle stretch without wasting your time or even irritating the hip joint itself.


Patients usually experience tightness in the front of their hip near the hip crease or groin, which is typically from the iliopsoas (a combination of the iliacus and psoas muscles). Learn more about the psos in this prior post. These muscles aren't just hip muscles, they actually attach to the low back and pelvis and help stabilize these areas as well. As a result, we have to think about the position of the back and pelvis when we stretch, which is why our instruction in this method is so important. 


An important thing to remember is that tightness or pinching through the front of the hip can be due to reasons other than your hip flexors.

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