Pain Relief By Draining Swelling With An Arthritic Knee

Knee pain from arthritis is no fun. Watch the following video and consider the follow up result: The patient reported being 50% better walking out of the clinic, 75% better the next day after following directions to apply Hot/Cold Contrast treatment to reduce swelling, and she started using her cane in the left hand, opposite the sore knee.

Knee arthritis does not have to be painful. Pain comes from inflammation and swelling which can often be relieved with simple measures such as elevation, ice, massage, and gentle range of motion. Watch this accompanying video to see how skilled manual physical therapy applied at the right time, to the right patient can have amazing results. This patient is a 90 year old female that is very vibrant and trying to stay active, in spite of limitations from severe knee pain and arthritis. At the time of this video she was having an increase in acute knee pain for several months with difficulty weight bearing and walking. She was trying to use a cane but it was in the wrong hand (put the cane in opposite hand of the painful leg). 

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