Sitting Well Briefs

These 5 brief videos demonstrating tips for better sitting were very well received on our social media channels last week. Therefore, we put all of them in one spot so you can conveniently review them at your leisure. If you like these and find them useful, please share with your friends and family. If you want more after these teaser ideas, sign up for our four 30-min session virtual trainings. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO AND SIGN UP FOR MORE INSTRUCTION AND IDEAS!

Don't be sidelined from your walking, hiking, running, cycling, swimming, strength training, Pilates, yoga, yardwork, office work, and countless other daily activities that are adversely effected by back and neck pain, and general body aches. Arthritis, bad weather, time management, and other complicating health factors can make staying active and happy a real challenge. We in-person, one to one, experienced manual physical therapy our practitioners can see, feel, and treat the root cause of your issues. These tips can be helpful, but if you are still having problems, link here to our website and select the Free Consultation tab at the upper right. 

One of our physical therapists will get back to you right away, listen, and advise you how we might help!


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